Beth Peterson

If you have a child or student who is disorganized, easily distracted, procrastinates, makes careless mistakes, has rigid thinking, or is impulsive, then he or she might benefit from having a coach.

Coaching is an intervention designed to help students develop more effective executive function skills. It’s a daily intervention that targets one or two behaviors at a time by using goal setting. We all know that habits are formed through daily practice; therefore the overlying goal of coaching is habit formation.

Beth Peterson coaches students in grades four and above who are not performing up to their potential in school and need help with executive function skills. These students have grades and behavior that are not commensurate with their capability, or their grades are not commensurate with their IQ. She uses fun, functional activities using classroom-relevant topics (e.g., social studies, language arts, science) to help students learn the skills they need to plan, organize, and complete tasks.  

Beth has been a teacher and reading specialist for over 16 years. She has completed training and workshops with Peg Dawson and Jodi Sleeper-Triplett who are leading experts in the field of ADHD and executive function skill coaching. Beth has her Masters of Education with a focus on special needs.