Beth has restored my daughter's confidence in her abilities. She has empowered my daughter to be her own advocate. My daughter is beginning to accept her academic challenges now. Beth has created strategies that enable my daughter to organize her assignments and projects. No more excuses. Beth and my daughter are a team!!! She consistently and faithfully checks in with her every evening. My daughter is no longer anxious about school. 

– Kristen

Beth really helped my son get organized and learn to study effectively. The daily check ins are great because it keeps him focused and on target. I feel that Beth really cares for my son and wants him to do well. My son feels comfortable enough with Beth that he can talk to her and ask questions. With success in school he feels good about himself as a learner which helps keep his self esteem in tact. Most importantly though, the argument about grades and homework have greatly diminished.

– Erin

At first, I never wanted anything to do with an academic coach. My mom suggested one a few times, and I always said no. One night I asked my mom what a coach would help me with. She said they would help me organize and plan projects. Mom had told me that a former teacher named Mrs. Peterson could help me. I agreed to give it a try. My first meeting with her was fun and simple. Mrs. Peterson told me we would try out different strategies to help me in school. I could tell she was so sincere and would work as hard as she could to help me. She helps me so much. Mrs. Peterson helps remind me about projects, finish homework, or turn in something that might be overdue. She has always helped me in the best ways possible, and she still does today.

– E.B